Sword fighting, Sticks, and a 9-year-old

This sounds like the opening line of a joke. But not in this story. 

Back home after walking around our neighborhood with Aida and collecting donations for Girls on the Run Vermont, Aida turns to me and says in a pleading voice

“Can we just do one more thing?”

Hold on. 

I think you might need a little more context to fully appreciate her “pleading voice”.

Wednesdays have been family days for us this past school year. That means Aida does not go to school (aka parent-sanctioned hooky). Instead, the three of us head out to do something fun together outside. The fall was filled with hiking. The winter was filled with skiing. This spring has been filled with…well nothing fun. Eben has had to work on Wednesdays this spring. And the weather has generally not been conducive to leaving the house. 

This past Wednesday was exceptionally “unfun”. Aida had homework in the morning. I had a late-morning meeting and then an early-afternoon virtual medical appointment with my 89-year-old dad (who is currently in a skilled nursing facility because he cannot bear weight or move his knees without extreme pain). When that was finally all done, Aida & I headed out to hit up the last few houses in our neighborhood for donations.

So now, enters Aida’s pleading voice.

“Mom, can we just do one more thing?”

Of course, I said “yes” before I had any idea of what that one more thing was. 

Lesson learned …

Sword fighting with sticks and a 9-year-old are not a good combination. 

After nine years of parenting, a broken nose, and other sundry damaged parts, you would think that I already knew this. But Aida’s pleading voice to do just one more thing won me over (and then sent me to urgent care for 2 hours). Thankfully there are no fractures, just a badly contused finger because it got smashed between the two sticks as Aida’s sword swing went wildly out of control. 

I guess there is a bit of a silver lining here. I do not need to cancel or reschedule any clients because I am currently only doing distance healing sessions. But I will have to lay low on aerial dance for a bit while my finger heals.

This is an aerial dance sequence I was working on the day before my finger got smashed.

Please tell me that I am not the only one who has succumb to a child’s wish only to end up physically damaged as a result. Share your stories below so I do not feel so alone.

P.S. If you are local, Fanny Allen Urgent Care Clinic is fantastic if you need to be seen quickly.

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