Rate Change


I can’t believe that it is the middle of September. It has been wonderful to be working with you all again for almost a year now. As you know I have been able to extend my hours from the initial one day a week to two and now three days a week. I appreciate to be once again helping you to find ease in your body. Thank you for this opportunity.

Looking back, I realize that it has been almost four years since I have changed my rates. While I am sure that this has been nice for your wallet, it is not sustainable for me. Starting October 1st, my rates will be $85 per session. BUT, as a thank you for being a supportive & loyal client, I will be offering you a $5 discount on your sessions. All new clients will start at the full rate.

Again, thank you for your continued patronage. And I look forward to seeing you at an appointment soon. You can email me, call me (802-233-0600), or schedule an appointment online.

Take care,

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