Not Accepting New Clients

At some point in the growth of every private practice, one must decide whether to grow, to shrink or to sustain.  Over the past eight and a half years, I have had the privilege of saying “yes” to almost every opportunity and client that has come my way.  And as a result my bounty abounds.

At this point I have a full load of clients. In order to best serve you all, my existing clients, I have made the hard to decision to say “thank you, but no.”  I am intentionally stopping the growth of my practice, so I can focus on those I currently and historically have worked with.  This will ensure that you can find a place in my schedule; that when you need me I will be accessible.

As of today I will not be accepting new clients.  I will review this decision in the fall to make sure that it is still the best choice for all.

You all have been so good to me by building my business through word-of-mouth.  You appreciate the work I do and you send me your friends and family.  Fear not, Karen Waters, that amazing massage therapist that I have been telling you about, is ready and excited to work with the friends that you would normally send to me.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Karen’s work personally and I cannot say enough good things about it. Her touch is sensitive.  She knows when to go deeper or stay light.  She is thorough.  She completely attend to your tissue; working through all the layers that need attention.

So I ask you to pass the bounty you have shared with me to Karen.  You can reach Karen  at 802-497-7632.

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