Next Step at Stillpoint

I wanted to share a personal win I had today with the present moment and next step muscles I am training. After this morning’s meditation, I knew I needed to contact the landlord about my “pre-pandemic” office today. That I should not wait until Monday. The following is our email exchange. And, some exciting news!

My email to them:

Hello all,

It is hard to believe that we have been living in a pandemic for over a year now. As more and more people are getting vaccinated including me, I am thinking about returning to my massage practice. In the ideal world, I would be able to lease Suite 204 at 21 Carmichael Street again. Is the office available? I am planning to resume work in September. Please let me know your thoughts. Perhaps we could video chat or meet in person to discuss details and options.

Take care, Chris

My landlord’s response:

Your timing is perfect. We had someone leasing that space but they just moved out a few months ago. Happy to discuss getting you back into your old space. Call me on my cell Monday.

Jed Dousevicz

Front of a grey office building on the right. Green grass and trees on the left.
Previous & Future home of Stillpoint, 21 Carmichael Street, Essex Junction

Change is not easy. And navigating this new piece of living with a pandemic must be intentional. This feels so good. And, a little bit scary. But, scary in a good way. 

What does your next step look like? What are you doing in this present moment to move toward that next step?

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