Indefinite Office Closure

To my dear clients,

I hoped to write you an uplifting letter. I hoped to write a letter filled with resources for you. Actually, I hoped to never write this letter to you. I am deeply saddened to announce that my office will remain closed indefinitely during the current health crisis.

You all have touched me in so many ways. I am truly honored that you have invited me to support you and your health. I am grieving deeply this loss and shift. During this isolating time, my heart smiles and exhales as I think of each of you. Thank you.

I trust…

  • That we will be back together when the time is right. 
  • That we will return changed individually and as a community.
  • That we will grow in ways both exhilarating and painful.
  • That we will be stronger together.

Take care. Stay safe. Big hugs.


P.S. I hope you enjoy the image below. It is a sneak peak in my logo as it goes through a disintegration and re-emergence.

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