Distance Healing – Part 2

Distance Healing sessions unpacked

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As was defined in last week’s blog post, distance healing is a therapeutic process in which the practitioner holds a safe and grounded presence for the client and facilitates healing while not having hands directly on that individual. Let’s talk some more about how that works and what it looks like in a session.

We have been taught by western medicine that our brain controls all functions of our body. This reductionist way of thinking has oversimplified how information is relayed within our body and undervalued the intelligence of each cell in our body. This leads us to “disconnect” our brain from our body. Each of us was born with this inner wisdom or cellular intelligence. As we develop and age we grow more aware of the world around us. The social norms we live by and the daily stress of life can distract us from the internal connection we were born with. Thus, we become “not really tuned into our body.”

Your inner wisdom guides the path to healing the trauma that your body is holding. The restrictions in your body may present as pain in a specific area, an unsettled emotional state, stress, anxiety, fear, or any sort of disconnect from how you truly want to live and feel. These symptoms are your body’s way of saying something is out of whack. They are also your body’s way of saying there is an opportunity for growth and healing.

Cellular intelligence is the ability of every cell to communicate with every other cell without requiring the brain as a relay station. As the observer, this information may come to you in the form of body sensations, images, colors, words, tastes, and/or temperature.  During a Distance Healing session, this sensory information will guide the work.

As the facilitator, I will guide you through a grounding and filling exploration to help you tune into your internal landscape. I will invite you to listen for those cues of cellular intelligence rather than your being distracted by your “thinking” brain. As you dialogue with your internal landscape and most importantly listen to your internal landscape, I will dialogue with you externally. I will ask you to locate the area of greatest support & comfort within yourself and identify areas of restriction. 

Through energetic connection and verbal communication, we will explore what is underneath those restrictions. Perhaps it is a physical injury. Or, perhaps it is a story or belief that you tell yourself. Or, perhaps it is a painful memory. Depending on what comes up, I may ask you questions or offer opportunities for quiet listening. I will energetically support you in untangling these restrictions. We may work with your body’s cells and structures to set in motion physical healing and balance. Or, we may work to shift your perception of something in your life, regaining your power around this belief, and viewing it from a place of empowerment and safety. If there is a physical area of your body that needs to be supported or held, I can use energetic hands to do this (just as I would use my physical hands if you were on my table). As always, we will move at a pace and rhythm that allows you to deeply receive what you can in the moment and to integrate the information that arises. At the end of the session we will acknowledge the work that has been done, give voice to what feels different, and bring the session to a healing close so that you can leave the session feeling clearer, calmer, and ready for your next step.

Distance Healing sessions at Stillpoint are 50 minutes in length. But your session does not need to end there. One of the luxuries of distance healing is that you do not have to get off my table immediately. You can continue to soak in the knowledge and understanding that rose out of the session in the privacy of your own space. I encourage you to take time to slowly re-enter your external world.

Distance Healing sessions are especially useful when a situation does not allow us to meet in person. You may choose a Distance Healing session when you are sick, practicing social distancing during COVID, traveling, or do not live locally. The energetic connection between practitioner and client can be even more impactful in a Distance Healing session than in an in-person session. This option allows you greater flexibility in being able to take care of yourself. 

Don’t just take my word for it. Experience a Distance Healing session for yourself. Schedule an appointment today.

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